Sugar Sugar Sugar

As of late there has been a lot of conversations about this so called secret world of sugar dating. There have been interviews on prominent talk shows, documentaries and even shows like “The Arrangement” popping up, each giving their own interpretation of the sugar dating lifestyle. Now I’m not going to say they’re all wrong or inaccurate but I will say this, it is very easy to spin the narrative you want when you pick and choose the questions asked and the way you want things to look. For some reason the objective of these shows and documentaries seem to be to show the sugar baby lifestyle as one that is dark and seedy and based in only sex and money which is just not always the case.

The thing to understand about sugar baby dating is that its not a one size fits all situation, there are many different types of relationships and while some of them are full of lies and deceit like the new hit TV show The Arrangement portrays many are relatively normal. The truth is there are plenty of sugar baby/ sugar daddy relationships all around you and they seem so perfectly normal that you most likely don’t even notice when you encounter them. That being said lets get into a more accurate definition of what exactly it means to be a sugar baby.

The most basic definition most use is a young girl who sleeps with someone for money. A sugar baby is usually a younger women who is dating an older often times much wealthier man buts not always as simple as people make it seem. Most people consider sugar babies prostitutes or escorts and I don’t necessarily disagree but there are a few things that make a  sugar baby/ sugar daddy relationship specifically different. For one thing the exchange of money is not direct. When you think of traditional prostitution you think of a seedy hotel room or car, a blowjob and a quick exchange of money for said sexual entertainment. This is not the way a sugar baby operates, sugar relationships usually work just like any normal relationship, there is dating and conversation and in a lot of respects your sugar daddy is your boyfriend and you as a sugar baby are playing the role of girlfriend. Despite what people may think sex is not even always a part of the equation.

With that being said, the parameters of a sugar baby relationship are always different. Sometimes the men are VERY wealthy, sometimes the men are just normal guys who enjoy “taking care” of their women. Sometimes its the cliche rich old man with the hot 20 year old bombshell but sometimes looks aren’t important at all. Sometimes sex is a factor and sometimes its not.

Recently because of a lot of these shows and documentaries a lot of women have become very interested in the lifestyle. Whether they’re joking around about it or seriously considering it, there are a lot of questions being asked and lot of speculation going around without many people offering truthful answers. The truth of the matter is most sugar babies aren’t getting rich, they aren’t jet setting and lazing around doing nothing but shopping. Most sugar babies, like myself, still lead normal lives but happen to have a few perks. This isn’t the Hollywood glamorization of the sugar baby lifestyle, I’m just a normal girl…for the most part.

The goal of this blog isn’t to try and persuade people to accept the sugar baby lifestyle as okay. I’m not looking for what I do to suddenly be accepted by society as normal because personally I don’t care. But I think there should be a fair representation of the lifestyle. I’m not going to glamorize my life, make it seem perfect but I’m also not going to make it out to be some horrible thing I got myself wrapped into because I’m some lost struggling soul. Some people choose to work very hard to provide for themselves, some people decide to marry a man who financially supports them completely and some younger girls like me, choose to take aspects of both to live the most fun, most interesting, most adventurous lives possible and it has its ups and downs but if I could do it all over I’d do the same thing. I’m a sugar baby.


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