Who Am I?


So my story isn’t all that interesting. The way I found myself in the sugar dating world is just things usually go for everyone, broke girl looking for a quick fix. At one point in time people knew sugar babies as super hot super model types who were skinny, gorgeous, and superficial. You’d see them hanging off the arm of some extremely old grandpa like millionaire. Now in 2017 you’re seeing a new type of sugar baby, we’re younger 18-25, normal every day girls usually trying to pay our way through college or looking to have a little fun on someone else’s dime. The rules of the game are changing and I found myself right in the mix of things.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve always been kind of lazy. I didn’t want to get a job, I didn’t want to spend my life working  normal hours, slaving away, doing what everyone else was doing. My dream job was actually a housewife. I wanted cooking and cleaning with yoga on Thursdays and never having to worry about bills. I wanted the freedom and adventure money seemed to give people and living in the world of Instagram I grew up seeing all these beautiful 20-something drop outs partying on boats and relaxing on the beaches in the middle of the week and I wanted THAT. A simple google search and there are a million and one websites and blogs showing you the “how to” of being a sugar baby and I was curious as hell.

I wouldn’t say I was a troubled girl but I was definitely not on the traditional path to success. I was young and confused and I knew everything I didn’t want but had no clue what it was I actually did want to do with my life. I moved out on my own at 18 years old and I wanted so badly to be an adult but let’s just say I wasn’t ready. I was flat broke, loss my job and within a few months I couldn’t afford to pay my rent so I went to the place with all the answers…the internet. That’s where I discovered this new found craze of sugar babies. Sign up, upload a picture and find some rich millionaire who’ll pay you to date him, it all sounded a little too good to be true so when I first joined the sites I didn’t take it too seriously, I didn’t think I’d actually find anyone real…imagine my shock when I did!

I think one of the biggest misconceptions about sugar babies is their looks. I’m no super model, I’m short, a little on the curvier side and cute but not take your breath away gorgeous (this isn’t me being self deprecating its just the truth) and I learned fairly quickly looks weren’t nearly as important as I thought they’d be. A lot of the men I met despite being interested in sex like any normal guy were  looking for something much deeper and more intellectual. And that’s how it all began. Its an addictive sort of thing. Once you get started, once you become spoiled its hard to turn your back on it. I realized I could use my charm, intelligence and sexuality to live this life of freedom and fun and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I haven’t quite determined whether or not that’s a good thing yet.

I joined my first sugar dating website at 18 and within a few weeks I had met my first sugar daddy (and a few frauds as well) and I’ve spent the last two and a half years living the lifestyle. I haven’t had a real job since and I’ve spent the past couple years traveling, having fun and trying to figure out what choosing this lifestyle means for me in the long run.


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